Are you paying too much tax?

See us for a tax health check.

Are you paying too much Tax?

The consumer has changed.
We are a generation of the digitally empowered buyer.

We want the brands we buy into to reflect who we are as people.

Share your dreams with people
that share your passion;

Your business success is the product of the people you surround yourself with.

Yesterday the big ate the small,
today the fast eat the slow;

Company size is no longer a determining factor for success.

Do one thing, anything, and do it well!

That’s the true recipe for success.

Chartered Accountans in Auckland Yor trusted business advisor

Giles & Liew, Your Auckland based Chartered Accountants

Giles & Liew are an experienced team of Chartered Accountants in Auckland, NZ who provide expert ACCOUNTING SERVICES, TAX ASSISTANCE and BUSINESS ADVICE to help BUSINESS OWNERS save time, make money and achieve business SUCCESS.

Your essential accounting experts in Auckland


  • Level 1, 277 Te Irirangi Drive,
    Botany Junction,
    Auckland 2019

    PO Box 217121,
    Botany Junction,
    Auckland 2164


We're happy to answer your questions and offer our assistance.

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